Demi trying to fix a broken mic.

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Google Hangout Demi Lovato, 09/09/214.

Demi at meet & greet Baltimore, MD (09/06)

Demi Lovato - Thriller (Michael Jackson COVER)

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depression blog

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Algumas pessoas tem isso, esse dom de te fazer feliz, de te deixar alegre. E sem nada por trás disso, apenas te fazem se sentir bem porque se sentem melhores assim. Essas pessoas simplesmente tem isso nelas, levam alegria para onde vão, mesmo que no fundo, estejam tristes. —A culpa é mesmo das estrelas?   (via motivando)

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Hey folks! First of all, don’t scroll and pass over this post because you’ll regret it (?? Not at all, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like to do this with us woooops!

Since Mockingjay Part One is closer and closer and we all can’t wait to see it (and not only the film, also all the interviews and stuff is going to be released during the following months) Olivia and me were talking about, maybe, make a huge re-reading all together and one month before the release of the film! Simple, funny and amazing, right?

What do you have to do to join the re-reading? Nothing at all! Just wait for the date we have chosen to start it and follow the shedule we have stablished in order to read one chapter per day. Not a huge deal if you are not in holidays, right? One chapter per day is not so much so I hope there’ll be a lot of people doing it!

We thought about to start it at October 15th and, if everything goes well, we will be done with the book at November 11th, and here, of course, it’s the shedule if you miss some chapter and wanna catch up with all the readers!


  • 15th - Chapter 1.
  • 16th - Chapter 2.
  • 17th - Chapter 3.
  • 18th - Chapter 4.
  • 19th - Chapter 5.
  • 20th - Chapter 6.
  • 21st - Chapter 7.
  • 22nd - Chapter 8.
  • 23rd - Chapter 9.
  • 24th - Chapter 10.
  • 25th - Chapter 11.
  • 26th - Chapter 12.
  • 27th - Chapter 13.
  • 28th - Chapter 14.
  • 29th - Chapter 15.
  • 30th - Chapter 16.
  • 31st - Chapter 17.


  • 1st - Chapter 18.
  • 2nd - Chapter 19.
  • 3rd - Chapter 20.
  • 4th - Chapter 21.
  • 5th - Chapter 22.
  • 6th - Chapter 23.
  • 7th - Chapter 24.
  • 8th - Chapter 25.
  • 9th - Chapter 26.
  • 10th - Chapter 27.
  • 11th - Epilogue.

During the month we’re going to be reading the book, we can share our thoughts using the tag #mjreading so that would make everything more interesting and funny!! Just take a look at the tag because we’re going to be reminding you all how many days till the re-reading will start, okay? And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or Olivia, our askbox will be open all day!

Thanks for read, and May the odds be ever in your favor!

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TFIOS + paralell